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Like carbon, silicon forms the basis of an extensive chemical industry. It is derived from quartz and plays the main role in the production of silicones, silanols, silanes, ...

The pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications of silicon compounds bring us into daily contact with products derived from quartz. Well-known examples are toothpaste and day cream.

Silica is an excellent raw material for chemical products and is applicable in acid reactors through inertia, e.g. in the production of titan dioxide.

Water glass (Na2SiO3 or K2SiO3) is then created by fusing silica sand with sodium or potassium carbonate. This is also possible via a reactor process: organically pure sand or cristobalite reacts with caustic soda.

Water glass is an important semi-finished product for the production of detergents, paint, decorative plasters and foundry sand. It is also an auxiliary material in the paper industry and the concrete industry. It is used for clarifying beer and is a raw material in the production of catalytic agents. The fuel saving silicate filler for tyres is made after a chemical process based on quartz.