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Low oil absorption, high mechanical strength, chemical inertness and ideal optical characteristics are strong assets for quartz, cristobalite and nepheline fillers:

  In decorative external wall paint Sibelite® enables a durable self-cleaning structure

  Anti-corrosion paints for the most severe weather conditions e.g. ocean tankers) contain inert
    and strong quartz and nepheline fillers.

  Floor paints are resistant to wear and tear as a result of the hardness of quartz fillers.

  Transparent silica fillers enable durable wood protection and also allow the decorative
    structure of the wood to remain visible.

  Road marking: both solvent and water-based as well as thermoplastic coatings become
    anti-slip after adding white light reflecting cristobalite granulates.
Technical datasheets
 Silverbond M6
 Silverbond M10
 Silverbond M300
 Silverbond M400
 Silverbond M500
 Silverbond M600
 Silverbond M800
Other products and blends are available.
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