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Sports and leisure
Sibelco’s different quarries and extensive production facilities offer an extensive tailor-made range of products.

Beach volleyball Olympic Games 2004
After numerous strict tests Sibelco’s silica sand was chosen out of 60 sands for both aesthetic and safety reasons.

Our top-dressing sands are a concept in Benelux golf. We give golf courses added value with our recent Rufford-approach, based on 25 years experience. Our range also includes various off-white bunker sands. To improve the capacity of the cation exchange we developed a mixture of sand and zeolite: XZ.

Fine white sands for equestrian sports
The unique combination of interpacking and shock absorbing capacity make silica sand from Mettet AF100 the ultimate professional choice. Sibelco equestrian sands were selected for the Olympic Games in Athens.

Artificial grass infill sand
Sibelco produces pure calibrated sands with a rounded surface for artificial grass pitches (hockey, tennis, football, …).
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Other products and blends are available.
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