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Other minerals
Surface treated fillers
Silanes connect organic polymers with mineral products by covalent bonding. The mechanical, chemical and electric properties of these composites improve remarkably. Available are quartz and cristobalite (Silbond®), wollastonite (Tremin®), aluminium hydroxide (Trefil®), nepheline (Treminex®) …

Siokal® functional fillers for polymers and coatings are produced from pure pegmatite, a mica and quartz containing feldspar.

Blasting grit
Besides silica sand, Sibelco developed various products for surface cleaning by blasting technique: iron and aluminium silicate, olivine, garnet, calcium carbonate, corundum, dolomite …

Calibrated sand
Pure sands developed for drinking water filtration are also used in polymer concrete and specialty mortars, fluidised bed furnaces, technical supplies …
Customer-made industrial minerals
From andalusite to zeolite… We grind at your demand.