De Zate 1 - BE-2480 Dessel
Tel. + 32 14 83 72 11 - Fax + 32 14 83 72 12
Sibelco organises various forms of transport: bagged goods, big bags, bulk and containers for national and international deliveries. Since we are specialised in all forms, we always offer tailor-made solutions and can even provide one-stop-shopping. Our expertise guarantees cost optimisation, reliable deliveries and a fast, adequate service.

Road transport
Thanks to a large number of delivery points Sibelco provides a close network of deliveries available in road tankers, tipper trucks or containers. We also offer mixed containers.

Rail or intermodal transport
We always select the most adequate solution based on our customers’ wishes.

Inland shipping
For larger volumes inland waterway transport is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative.

Overseas shipping
For bulk cargos Sibelco has its own storage and loading/unloading installations at the port of Antwerp.