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Good Practices Guide
Sibelco Benelux granted his expertise in drawing up a good practices guide, prepared by NEPSI (The European Network on Silica) and which issues instruments to promote workers' health protection through the good handling and use of products containing crystalline silica. This guide is available in all European languages on the website
The task guidance sheets are useful in various areas using silica products.

Sibelco supports sensibilisation campaign on quartz dust
Sibelco supports the sensibilisation campaign "No mercy for quartz dust" (2010-2012) of the National Action committee for the building industry. Quartz is a mineral which is present in 70 % of the earth’s crust and is omnipresent in daily used materials. As a manufacturer of quartz minerals Sibelco has always informed its employees and customers about the health aspects of its products. In this context Sibelco cooperated in the preparation of the Good Practices guide with recommandations to protect employees’ health by using and handling products containing quartz. Sibelco Benelux believes that the safe use of its products is possible by applying the appropriate preventive measures.