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As a result of the unique combination of the optic light refraction index and particle size, MINBLOC®M is the anti-block silica additive for transparent plastic films: LDPE, LLPDE, PP, ...

Micron fine qualities are processed in ultra thin film, co-extrusion or BOPP: MINBLOC® M6000 or MINBLOC®HC 500.

In addition to excellent anti-block, re-block and optical characteristics (glossiness and clarity), MINBLOC® ensures:

  better external durability

  no measurable slip-additive absorption

  chemical inertness, also at extrusion temperature and under pressure

MINBLOC® forms loose conglomerates and is free-flowing.
Technical datasheets
 Minbloc M3500
 Minbloc M4000
 Minbloc M6000
 Minbloc M8000
Other products and blends are available.
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