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The International CIPA Conference May 2012, Tel Aviv

Plasticulture for a Green Planet

Our R&D Manager - Luc Van Aken - presented the latest results as an invited speaker: Evaluation of infra-red thermal additives for greenhouse film.

Sibelco developed and produces several Mid IR absorbers to reduce the cooling effect in plastic film greenhouses during cold nights. Both natural industrial minerals and synthetic metal oxides are the prime materials for a range of over 20 finished products (Minbloc®). Insight in composition, specifications and latest performances have been demonstrated during the presentation. Research is done on near IR blocking, to reduce the greenhouse effect for agricultural application, mainly for tropical areas. An important factor to take into account is that the plant active radiation (PAR) and the thermal sun radiation largely overlap. The research on several products and film compositions showed that nano-ATO coated transparent particles are very good performing NIR absorbers. Several products and compositions of films have been compared.

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