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NEW: NIR Thermal barrier for transparent plastic film

Excessive temperature rise in greenhouses is a major constraint for agriculture. Plants die at a wet bulb temperature above 42 ° C.

SIBELCO NV and KRIYA Materials improved transparent MID IR absorbers for the NIR wavelength area by use of nano sized ATO (antimony tin oxide).
This new MINBLOC grade is easily dispersible in PE end EVA copolymer.
A 50 % reduction of the thermal energy passing trough the film is technically possible.
The influence on visual light transmission is limited and demonstrated in Picture1.
On the left you see pure Exceed 1018 film of 100 µm and on the right the 5% loaded film with ATO coated micron fine cristobalite.

Cristobalite shows up as an ideal carrier for nano sized ATO as demonstrated in Picture 2.
Other silicates can be used as long as they do not hinder the plant active radiation and contribute to the synergy with nano ATO in the NIR range.

The graph below compares the transmission of pure polymer, 10 % loaded with Minbloc M4000 MID IR absorber and 5 % nano ATO coated M4000.

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