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The Sibelco silica sand is characterised by an exceptional mineral and chemical purity. Geological exploration and evaluation increase the potential of exploitable sites. Sibelco guarantees the production of top quality mineral raw materials for decades to come.

Our geologists lead the extraction to ensure that every layer of sand is upgraded for the correct, most top quality application. In each phase of the extraction and production, they carefully guard reuse so that the landscape and nature are sustainably guaranteed.

Unique layers with unique characteristics
In the Mol and Lommel region the white sands of Mol are an excellent raw material for the production installations of Dessel and Lommel. These layers of sand are unique in the world because of their particle size and uniformity.

The sands of Bolderberg (Maasmechelen) are the worldwide standard for critical applications such as crystal and chemical raw materials, mainly thanks to their chemical purity. They are situated under a thick layer of construction sand and grit, to other important extraction materials in the region.

In Heerlen (the Netherlands) the same high purity silica sands are called Miocene sands. Sibelco extracts and upgrades this crystal sand in the most environmentally friendly way.